A New Type of Company

Corlett-Wellstone is one of a new breed of emerging "Virtual Companies" with staff and associates connected in the digital world. Nonetheless, all Corlett-Wellstone associates are connected by strong values and a passion for our work. We believe in shaping a better world—through the success of our client organizations and the success of our people. We strive every day to live up to our values in our client work and beyond. We have an unwavering commitment to our independence and an open partnership. We believe in entrepreneurial freedom, respect for the individual, the power of diversity, and a collaborative workplace. We encourage constructive dissent, exchange of ideas, and a quest for quality to expand the art of the possible. Traditional corporate structure is replaced by teams of engaged equals in which ideas are paramount. We are built on the wealth that shared ideas create. We believe that diversity and respect create many advantages: from expansive skills dedicated to new solutions to more satisfying interpersonal relationships.

The Emerging Digital Landscape

Today's business landscape is undergoing a surge in technology-led innovation, propelled by ubiquitous connectivity, cloud-based infrastructure, big-data and analytics. This innovation threatens to make many of today's business models, value chains, and cost models obsolete; bringing both risk and opportunity. For businesses, creating competitive advantage in this rapidly evolving environment means recognizing the reality that every company really is a technology company. It also demands thinking in new boxes rather than just thinking outside of old ones.

Focusing on Growth

Business leaders can be forgiven for taking a cautious view of the future: growth in developed markets remains slow and growth in emerging markets is slowing from the rates enjoyed by the "Tiger Economies". But those who fail to pursue growth and, instead, focus on cost cutting to improve the bottom line risk falling behind more enterprising competitors. Around the world, and in every industry, sector, and business, there are businesses managing to grow rapidly and to build an enduring lead over their rivals